Van Gogh Web Portal


I was part of a 3-person UX team to come up with a cloud-based web solution for NAB Studio’s internal content production team and freelancers to assign jobs, submit deliverables, and process payment.

My Contribution

User Research
Concepts & Ideation
Information Architecture
Enterprise UX/UI


3 designers
1 product manager
8 engineers



Problem Definition

At the beginning of 2016, a significant portion of our cost structure was used to pay for freelancers who created visual assets for Fuzel Collage. These freelance designers were managed directly by our Visual Designer and would send invoices to HR for payment. Files were sent over emails and instant messaging applications and stored randomly on our shared disk station.

Due to this personal and unstructured way of managing, transparency and scalability were big problems.


Our UX design team of 3 was tasked with researching the current content production process and come up with solutions. The result was Van Gogh – a cloud-based web solution for our internal content team and their freelancers to assign jobs, submit deliverables, and process payment. Asset files would be stored in a central directory for easy access and management. It would span across both web and mobile apps.

A map of various systems and user involved

We designed the interface using Bootstrap – which is currently being used for all of our other internal web portals. The design was executed in Illustrator. The product was launched in 2016.