Fuzel iOS & Android 4.0


In 2016, I was tasked with designing the 4.0 update to Fuzel with 2 other designers, on both iOS and Android.

My Contribution

UI/UX Design


3 designers
1 project manager
6 engineers




Observing that users were having a hard time creating beautiful collages, we added a template feature with ready-made collages for them to quickly slot their images in.

We realized that we went a little overboard with the animation in the previous version. It was impressive at first, but with repeated use, the overall feeling was that everything was dragged out and bogged down a lot. So in this version, we removed all the redundant animation and made it more subtle.

Sadly, this version never gets to the hands of users. The revenue generated from the product was not enough to justify the cost of development. We decided to halt its development to make room for more important products at the time. This marked the end of Fuzel’s product life cycle.