Woodpost 2.0


In March 2015, NAB Studio launched Woodpost 1.0. Later, in July of the same year, I joined a team to work on the design of the 2.0 update for iOS and Android.

My Contribution

UI/UX Design


3 designers
1 product manager
6 engineers




After the release of Woodpost 1.0, we found out that not all users want their own photos to be on these products, they just want wooden decorations with generic images.

Hence, we decided to extend the product offering for our customers. Not only limited to postcards, customers can now order posters to hang on the wall, coasters, trays… with your photo printed on it. These new product categories also have pre-printed images, so they essentially serve as home decorations.

I was part of a design team to redesign the app flow to reflect these new changes in the product offerings, in the 2.0 update of the app.

Most of the work was put into the structure of the home screen, where all products were listed. From there, customers can go deeper into each product category. Each product category had a small difference in the ordering flow, for example, you can’t use your own photos on coasters.

Other changes include ironing out other minor aspects of the app to ensure a smoother experience.

Finalized Design

The design was done in Adobe Illustrator.