Woodpost 1.0


In 2015, I worked on the launch of Woodpost app for iOS and Android.

My Contribution

UI/UX Design


3 designers
1 product manager
6 engineers



Woodpost by Fuzel


In 2015, NAB Studio got into a partnership with a startup in Ho Chi Minh City that offered custom-made printed wooden postcards. The new brand, Woodpost, would be under Fuzel.

I was part of a team in charge of the design of the Woodpost app on iOS and Android. Essentially, the app allowed users to pick their own photos and have them printed on various wooden objects, which were then shipped to their home addresses.

We started by defining the optimal user flow for accomplishing the main activity which is ordering a woodpost. Then moved on to create initial wireframes. Meanwhile, visual designers work on the brand identity and style of the app.

Finalized Design

The design was done in Adobe Illustrator.