Manga Rock CMS: Issues


For internal content executives who need to ensure the quality of Manga Rock’s 20,000+ titles catalog, Issues is a new feature of the content management system that allows them to collect content issues reported by readers and then resolve them.

Unlike the current way in which readers report content issues through customer support channel, this feature reduces the unnecessary redirecting tasks for the customer support team, thus improving overall productivity and efficiency.

My Contribution

Information Architecture
Enterprise UI/UX Design


1 designer
1 product manager
3 engineers




Manga Rock was an aggregator that crawls comics uploaded by fans across multiple websites. Due to the huge amount of data aggregated from other sources, there were all kinds of problems reported by users such as missing page, page not loading, wrong page order…

These issues were being filed to our customer support team, who also needed to deal with user account problems, purchase and payment, app suggestions… and would always be forwarded to our content team to handle. Recognizing this inefficiency and bottleneck, we decided to come up with a solution that routes all the content-related issues to the content team, removing the unnecessary filter that the customer support team had to perform.

Manga Rock CMS Sequence Diagram

The issue feature on CMS listed all the issues reported by our users, you can think of them as tickets, that needed to be solved and announced to the users when done. I worked with the customer support team and content team members to classify different types of issues, document business activity and flows, and define domain logic.

Reader-facing Issue Reporting Flow

I also came up with the design for the editor-facing side on Manga Rock CMS, for our internal content team to handle the issues reported. After several rounds of research, ideation, and discussion, I executed the design in Sketch, with Bootstrap as the design system.