Manga Rock Addons Portal


For internal content managers and members to manage all of Manga Rock’s non-core content, Addons is a content management system that provides a centralized place for collaboration.

Unlike using spreadsheets and Trello boards, Addons integrates directly with Manga Rock’s content delivery services, allowing them to plan and data entry at the same time. Also, it features user-friendly interfaces and streamlined workflows.

My Contribution

Concepts & Ideation
Information Architecture
Enterprise UI/UX Design


1 designer
1 product manager
3 engineers




In 2017, Manga Rock had received multiple updates and was much bigger than it used to be. Apart from comics and manga, it also provided comic fans with editorial collections, anime wallpapers, iMessage sticker packs,…

As these auxiliary offerings grew, so did the cost of managing them. I was tasked with coming up with a centralized solution for our content managers to have a better time managing these kinds of non-core content.

I worked with our internal content managers and members to understand and document their current roles and business processes. I discovered that there were many different processes, independent from each other. Therefore, the approach was a modular system in which each module can be added and removed without breaking the rest.

MR Addons Portal Overall IA

I defined the entities on the system and their relationship using an entity map.

MR Addons Entities

Then I translated these requirements into the interface for content managers and members to create and manage these content. I ditched the Bootstrap UI and adopted Material Design Web after the previous success of applying it for Manga Rock Android and Web app. Read more about Design System Upgrade For Enterprise Tools. After several rounds of research, ideation, and discussion, I executed the design in Sketch, with Material Design as the design system. The product was launched in 2017 for our internal team to use.