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For internal content operation members that need to translate and deliver comic content in a tight timeframe, Localization Tool is a translation management system that allows them to translate and typeset more effectively.

Unlike using conventional graphic design tools like Photoshop, Localization Tool is built specifically for comics. It offers cloud-based central storage for raw and localized content that allows users to work from anywhere while still protecting intellectual property.

My Contribution

Concepts & Ideation
Enterprise UI/UX Design


1 designer
1 product manager
5 engineers




Late 2018, we looked into the comic localization process and sought to establish that capability for ourselves. We hired new personnel and formed a localization team within our existing content team, with the task of localizing comics licensed from Korean and Chinese publishers. These new members brought with them their own experience and knowledge, and we would watch them handle the raw materials, use specialist tools to manage translation terms, photoshop to edit the comic pages,… and based on it to create own our custom solution.

Localization Tool was our cloud-based solution for translating and typesetting comics. It was to be used by our internal localization team with the aim to improve efficiency and collaboration. This pre-alpha version was built as an extension to Jira.

After several rounds of research, ideation, and discussion, I executed the design in Sketch, with Material Design as the design system. The product was launched to the internal localization ops team of 2 project managers and 10 on-site freelancers at the end of 2018. In 6 months, they were able to localize over 50 titles.

Localization Tool – Due to NDA restriction, I am unable to show the design of this project