🔒 INKR CMS 2.0


For INKR’s partners who need to get a report on the performance of their published content, INKR CMS 2.0 is the second update to the content management system that adds the ability for external users to access and monitor content on-demand.

Unlike the current way which requires an account executive to create a spreadsheet every time a partner asks, this update eliminates this manual task, freeing up the account executive for more important endeavors.

I led a team of 3 enterprise designers on the conceptualization and design execution of this update.

My Contribution

Concepts & Ideation
Information Architecture
Enterprise UI/UX Design


3 designers
2 product managers
3 engineers




In late 2020, our content team was using INKR CMS to onboard hundreds of titles to INKR Comics. After their content was published, our content partners would ask for the ability to view and monitor their content. Instead of spending resources generating reports every time our partners would ask for something, we decided that it would be best to let these external partners access their content directly on CMS in a self-serving manner. This meant features such as authentication, user groups, permission controls, reporting, and payment had to be in place. Since it was such a pressing need at the time, we decided to park these features into CMS, with the intention of migrating them out in the future.

Also, in order to differentiate itself from other readers on the market, INKR Comics needed some special flavors to give it an edge in the reading experience. Hence advanced chapter authoring features were introduced into CMS to allow editors to better edit the pages, such as crop, merge, split pages,… as well as the data entry for smart zoom and comic vision data.

I led a team of 3 enterprise designers on this version. After several rounds of research, ideation, and discussion, we executed the design in Figma, with Ant Design as the design system.

INRK CMS 2.0 – Due to NDA restriction, I’m unable to show the design of this project