Fuzel iOS 1.0


In 2012, I joined NAB Studio and worked on Fuzel Collage, a collage-making mobile app for iOS, on the app UI and video marketing material.

My Contribution

UI Design
Video Editing


2 designers
1 product manager
6 engineers




The year was 2012, Instagram and its filters had seen unprecedented popularity, and everyone wanted to be creative with their photos. With the rise of mobile phones, we believed that we can enable people to edit their photos directly on their phones. To capture value, we let users pay a one-time fee to unlock advanced features in the app.

I joined the project as a freelance video editor. At the time NAB Studio needed a promotional video for the launch of Fuzel, so I was in charge of editing. As this was a stop-motion video, most of the work revolved around using Photoshop to edit individual images so that they looked their best.

Fuzel Promotional Video

In a team of four, my work focused on pushing out pixel-perfect icons and other assets for the engineering team. I created the design in Adobe Illustrator and worked closely with the engineers to get it implemented.